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I have been practicing yoga and meditation for over 25 years, teaching classes, workshops and leading retreats. I offer an innovative and personalized approach to mindfulness, stress management, life balance and overall wellness. My work is practical, engaging and effective, helping students cultivate a sense of presence, stability, creativity and joy in the midst of stressful situations or just busy lives. Following graduation from Emory University, I spent the next 10 years between New York City and San Francisco in the sports marketing departments of Classic Sports Network, CBS and Visa. In 2000, I left my corporate career and traveled around the world for 15 months exploring different cultures, traditional practices and the relationship between body, mind and spirit. Upon returning to the States, my intention was to share these learnings and I have been happily teaching mindfulness practices ever since! I remain an avid traveler, hiker and overall lover of nature. My interest in meditation, neuroscience, holistic health and the relationship of body, mind and spirit continues to grow and influence both my own practice and my teachings.

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