Leigh teaches mindfulness and meditation courses at several companies throughout the Bay Area. Her work is meant to introduce employees to the ideas of mindfulness, meditation, presence, stress reduction, leadership, kindness and compassion. As mindfulness teacher at Pixar Animation Studios, Leigh conducts six courses a year in addition to working with specific departments, coaching employees and leading longer meditation periods. ​

Leigh is a life-coach that skillfully weaves together her experience as a yoga teacher, a nutritionist and a certified coach in addition to her studies of meditation and Buddhism. She encourages her clients to find balance in all parts of their lives, guiding them to see each aspect as connected to a cohesive whole that can be nurtured and evolved. She works with individuals and groups on wellness and mindfulness coaching. Her clients range from students to corporate executives and everything in-between. Many of her clients in the corporate world are in search of personal balance and having a positive impact on their company culture. Connecting with each individual is her greatest joy. ​

While in India, studying Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Leigh fell down a flight of marble stairs causing extensive back injuries. With time and a consistent therapeutic yoga practice, her back healed and her attention shifted towards a safer, yet challenging yoga practice. With extensive study of Iyengar Yoga, Leigh has woven the ideas of technical alignment with the beauty of breath and flowing movement. The end result is a safe and friendly environment for students to develop strength, flexibility and calmness of mind.

She received her BA in Art History and Political Science from Emory University. After spending time in Aspen, she spent the next six years between New York City and San Francisco in the Sports Marketing departments of Classic Sports Network, CBS and Visa. In 2000, Leigh said her goodbyes to her corporate career and traveled around the world for 15 months exploring new cultures and discovering what really brought her alive. She's been happily teaching mindfulness practices ever since! She remains an avid traveler, hiker and overall lover of nature. Her interest in holistic health and the relationship of body, mind & spirit continues to grow and influences both her own practice and her teaching.​